Affiliate Agreement


About Art of Action

We are an online shop that manufactures and sells the inspiration and self-expression found in action sports.   You will find that we can help you make all the little things in your life more unique and custom to you.  We are committed to supporting our artist and the community that inspires them.  We are a members based community.  We believe our members are thought leading, discerning and obviously lead active and conscious lives.   We don’t try to be everything to everyone, and you won’t find what we sell on Amazon or other like-minded online retailers.  We are committed to offering our members unique artist inspired products, best of class customer service and the best price available without any hassles.  Become a member and we will us drop our Artist Sketchbook into your email box each week.  We promise it will make your inbox cool again.

About you

If you’re reading this you’re either an artist, photographer, athlete, retailer or brand manager.  Which means you are already have a relationship with us or you are considering a partnership with Art of Action.   We have our standard royalty and commission program for being an official Art of Action artist or brand.  Our affiliate program lets you turbo your earning potential when you help promote your products on your website, and in your social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and most important your website and blog.


·         Art of action helps artist, athletes, photographers and companies build their brands by letting people visibly pass along your story on the small things in life.  But of course, there is more and we have those products covered to.

·         Measure Brand Advocacy.  Our products are excellent ways to identify and reward your brand advocates.  Let’s get them sharing your brand in the real world, virtually all the time.

·         Build your brand and audience and get paid to do it by offering our products with your designs on your website or in your social channels.

·         We will supply you with the digital assets you need to promote your products on your website.

·         You will get paid on organic leads your website, blog or social channels send to Art of Action.  When people buy your art because you generated the lead you will earn 20% on the sale.  The more sales that you refer, the bigger your commissions get.

How it works

We handle the all the heavy lifting.  We operate the online store, the cart, payments, manufacturing, shipping and customer service.  You promote our products with your art to your audience and you will earn commissions for the sales you generate.  We do this through sophisticated digital attribution modeling.  We track the lead source of our online sales.  We want to pixel partner with you.  Pixel partnering means we will install an Art of Action pixel on your website.  The pixel is unique to you and your audience.  When someone visits your site we will know it and record that visit for up to 90 days.  Anybody who buys from Art of Action with your pixel earns you your commission.   The second option is where you list and promote the product in your store but when a customer clicks through to buy, they click through to the Art of Action online shop.   Attribution is handled with a UTM code.  This unique identifier will credit you with the sale.  The third way is by using a unique coupon that only you offer your audience.

UTM codes, Pixel Partnering and coupon codes can both be used.  We will work with you to optimize what is best for all parties concerned.  In most cases you will want to explore them all.

Sign-up Process

Apply to become an Art of Action you will need to sign our affiliate application and agreement.   Once approved, we will work with you to place the supplied graphics and links to on your site.  Now you can sit back and watch the dollars come rolling in. If you have any questions or need help signing up, please contact us.

General Information

·         Art of Action Affiliates may be an individual or a formal business.

·         We accept relevant, functional, clean and content-rich websites into our affiliate program.

·         All sales tracking is handled with Google Analytics and attribution modeling, or coupon codes.

·         All Art of Action affiliates must adhere to the guidelines laid out in our Affiliate Terms of Service.


We require that all Art of Action  (Artist, Athletes, Photographers, Brands, Media Partners) Noted Here as   “Publishers”  adhere to the following standards.  We’re happy to be working with you and are available to ensure your success. If you have any questions, please email

Brand Representation

All  Affiliates must maintain a high quality, professional and functional website – as deemed by Art of Action.  Additionally, any materials promoting Art of Action, including banners, videos etc. must represent Art of Action in a way that is consistent with our high brand standards.  Basically, anything we deem to degrade our brand or the Art of Action community in any way is not allowed.

Publishers may not represent themselves as, or as a dealer for any of the brands we carry. They must have a unique URL (including domain, subdomain or any component of the url) that does not contain, trademarked brand names or any misspellings or variations of or trademarked names.

Publishers may not serve any Art of Action products through their shopping cart.

Art of Action will not accept affiliates that operate a website or have links to websites that contain or promote any of the following content: gambling, adult/sexually explicit, pedophile, abusive, violent, bigoted, hate-oriented, or any other content that is deemed offensive and inappropriate.

All sites that contain affiliate tracked links to must be disclosed in publishers privacy policies, or on product page details.

Tax/ Social Security

Art of Action Affiliates may be an individual or a formal business. Upon signing up, individuals are subject to a 1099. Businesses will be required to issue a Tax ID number.

We cannot accept publishers into our affiliate program that are based in Pennsylvania Residents or businesses from Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia are subject to state nexus tax laws.  Publishers are responsible for knowing their state tax laws.  Money that exceeds state limits are responsible for reporting revenue’s and pay taxes to their state.  For more information and a general idea of how to find more information on this subject please visit this resource on the web. or consult with your CPA or tax adviser.


Commissions will be paid at the end of each quarter.

Publishers are given credit for a sale when any of the following criteria are met: a) customer purchases through the website b) the click from the publisher site was the last click before conversion c) the conversion happened within the cookie window d) the click was through a link containing our affiliate tracking code:


·         Your coupon code, (which is your unique identifier)

Returned and canceled orders are not eligible to earn commissions.