Back-stories with Brent Bielmann

Every now and then photographer Brent Bielmann gets a wave of his own, and let’s just say he doesn’t let it go to waste! For this capture Brent traded places with long time friend, travel mate, pro surfer and AOA photographer Anthony Walsh.


We first met Brent on the North Shore of Hawaii in 2012 during the pipe masters while we camped out at the Body Glove house. Brent is one of the coolest guys we came across on our trip, and no doubt a man of may talents. From his water photography to surfing skills, and even his look. Women love him, men want to be him, and brands from around the industry are dying to endorse him. It’s a good life for Brent, and his passion is certainly evident in his work.

Below is a quick back-story on each of his featured images with Art of Action:


Emerald Green – “This shot is of Anthony Walsh at Teahupo’o. At the point of this shot I had so many shots from above that were sick and wanted to try something different, so I went below and began shooting upwards from underneath. “Teahupo’o” is another shot from this session which is also a featured piece with Art of Action. It’s safe to say this was a GOOD day!”



Ocean veins – “This is a spot in Bali where you’re actually on a super high cliff looking straight down on the surf. The water is super clear at low tide and you get a true perspective of what this wave is really like. This shot was printed in Transworld a few years back.”



Tahitian Dream – “This was probably the biggest and best Teahupo’o I have ever seen. It got too big to paddle and so the guys were prepping to start towing in. In the interim we got to shoot all these amazing empty waves. No matter how many times I shoot this wave I’m still in awe. It’s like the Niagra falls of surfing. Gets me every time.”



Teahupo’o – “This is that shot that everyone loves. You can’t ever go wrong with this angle. It’s such a sick perspective to see. It gives you the view that most people never get to experience. It was a few years back now for a Body Glove trip with Anthony Walsh. This was actually taken the same day as the emerald green shot.”



The Shade – “This is a secret wave around the corner from Nias. If people ever knew where it was it would turn into Teahupo’o because it’s THAT good. It’s one of those hidden gems that the surf community intends to keep that way. We visited the wave with Jamie O’Brien and as we came around the bend to check the wave it was firing! I think Jamie was a bit freaked out to surf it by himself. It was a bit eerie so we sat and watched it break perfectly for about 2 hours.”


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