If Kiteboarding Were…Art

It’s not always about the expensive plane ticket, the ever-growing quiver of the best gear money can buy, or the perfectly color-corrected Instagram post at the end of a day spent in the tropics…Sometimes it’s the simpler things and ideas that can take your stoke level to new heights.

RideEngine roots are humble, and and that is what we like about them.  The proof is in the think tank, the skunk works, and the sandy garage of Coleman Buckley.


Custom Graphics

Legacy Custom Graphics


His conviction was—and still is—that kiteboarding’s greatest gift is that it moves us to step outside of the ego and exist freely in a moment. That’s why he left the beach, took to that sandy garage, and built the frankenharness that would later become the founding pillar of RideEngine—he wanted each rider to get a taste for a moment like that.


In those days, each harness was hand built from a custom mold of a rider’s back. An added bonus: We loved the freedom found in using the hard-shell back plate as a canvas for each rider’s art. Not only were riders headed out to create their art on the waves, but they were wearing it as well.


We’re thrilled to help RideEngine bring custom art back on all their harnesses.




The cool part, its so easy.  Check out the quick start guide. 

“The performance of your harness should change your life, the art on the outside should change someone else’s.”  —Coleman Buckley – Founder: Ride Engine.


Hop To It:

We’re offering both the option to create from scratch or browse our Art Studio. Once the artwork is available for use in the system, you’ll have the option to add type, logos, or other finishing touches within the intuitive Art of Action software.  Check out how easy with our quick start guide. Then, simply click to order, and your custom graphic will arrive in the mail in the form of a vibrant 3M cast vinyl skin that’s precision cut to your harness shell size.


The weather, water, and fade-proof skin is the same that’s used professionally on vehicle, moto, and boat wraps, and is designed to apply seamlessly to your harness, making it look like it was custom printed in the factory.

When you’re ready to change it up, the sticker peels off without residue. Boom.

Ready to get hands-on? Swing by the ever-growing #RideEngineCustom on Instagram for inspiration and keep your eyes peeled for fresh harness artwork on a beach near you.  

Check out RideEngine.com for more info.