Purple Blush – Pro Series Wrap

Purple Blush – Pro Series Wrap


Pre Loaded Art: Purple Blush

A thin  layer of Armor that will perfectly let you display the Purple Blush board graphic on your own Ride Engine Harness.

-Made from premium automotive grade 3M cast vinyl.   This is the top of the line wrap material you see on cars, boats, and buses.

-Top coated with the same durable 10mil layer used to protect motocross bikes from water, dirt, mud and sun.

-This stuff is time tested and tough.

-Easy to install. Special air release channels in our vinyl means no air bubbles.

-Comes with a link to our simple kook proof installation video.

-Easy to take off.   No sticky residue or mess. Peel it off and your harness is back to its original condition and Ride Engine branding.

*Fits all Small 2016,  2017, Hex Core, Team Series, Elite Series Harnesses.

**Harness not included.

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