Custom Harness Quick Start Designer Tips

 Custom Harness

RideEngine is brand that embodies freedom, in the zone performance, total elimination of your monkey mind.  Such feelings and self expression need to be shared. Art makes the world a better place you know.   There is no better way to share it than having your own custom gear.   This is why we have teamed up with RideEngine.  How can we help you create what is possible?  We want to provide you with the opportunity to design your own art on to your existing RideEngine harness.  The freedom is your to create, and share.  Here is a quick “How to”  use our design software.  But first here is a tip.

The key to success is having a decent quality photo to upload.  Most newer phone cameras work fine.   Screen grabs and low res Jpegs will not reproduce well. Try and have an inspiring idea that is meaningful to you.  Think about it… then go make it happen.

Step 1.  Choose the correct size harness you own. and then click personalize.

Step 2.  Now your in the design engine.

Time to add your first background layer.


Step 3. Uploading tips.

Step 4. Move it on the the Harness

Step 5.  Optimizing your art

Step 6.  Add a logo

Step 7  Scale the Logo, and your done.  Hit next and lets make this thing.

Pick your size and start customizing now