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Art of Action & Unit Parktech at West Rock Wake Park



A few weeks back we joined team Slingshot for a visit to West Rock Wake Park to help break in their new custom Unit Parktech feature that had just been delivered in anticipation for the opening of their full size Sesitec cablepark in Rockford, Illinois. Dan wanted to do something special to set this custom feature apart from the rest and here at Art of Action we were up for the challenge. We contacted  Unit to get drawings / dimensions of this beast while Dan got to work on some designs. Unit sent along some of the most detailed drawings we’ve ever seen, allowing us to cut our first official Art of Action / Unit feature wrap perfectly to scale, down to the very last centimeter.  Dan decided on a sick topographical map design (created by Aaron Johnson) that pays homage to the lake’s location in Rockford, and before we knew it the designs were rolling through our printers and on their way,  just in time for the arrival of Slingshot Pro team Riders Wes Jacobsen, Quinn Silvernale, and Blake Bishop.

The crew quickly mastered the wrap install and before we knew it the time had come to see if she would float! shout out to Quinn for his master operator skills with the heavy machinery, and to Dan Jarrett and his park crew who spent most of their day in the lake piecing the thing together and setting anchors! Finally the new custom feature was locked and loaded  straight beneath the cable outfitted with a fresh new look!

With the success of this first Art of Action / Unit Parktech obstacle wrap we are stoked to be able to offer obstacle wraps for EVERY unit feature. With detailed drawings and measurements from the complete Unit catalog we are able to ensure that your obstacle wraps are a perfect fit every time. HIT US UP for more info and pricing so we can help give your park a fresh new look! Whether you’ve got your own art or are interested in working with one of our artists, there’s a plan to refresh every park and turn your blank floating canvas’ into works of art!


Laying it down on Day 1

Wes Jacobsen mastering the install

Quick flex test before the inaugural session!


Small talk with Wes and Blake. Photo by Matty Mulholland

Blake Bishop by Carter Olson

photo by Carter Olson

WMJ by Carter Olson

Quinn Silvernale by Carter Olson

Blake Bishop by Carter Olson

Ty Morlang by Matty Mulholland


The below photos are courtesy of Unit Parktech / Matty Mulholland